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"The Circlegroup is out
to provide a professional
creative design service
customised to each
client what ever size
they maybe."
Our Strategies

"Methods for getting the job right on, on time and within budget"

One of our best strategies is that we like our work. We enjoy every challenge and find interest in the small details of every job. We work with a myriad of people which has lead us to new niche areas.
In an image savvy audience identity for our clients is vital. Design is just one cog in the wheel to business success but we lose sleep over a cohesive branding structure.
We see each client as a investment, from simple jobs to extensive campains, we work hard to make sure the jobs form, function and purpose exemplifies clean and smart design.

Hands on Approach
Getting to know our client's and their business
Knowing their hopes and expectations and
then exceeding them in a positive way

Helping everyone identify their objectives
translate specific goals and elements
push towards a focused and productive outcome

Being sensitive to clients needs
Hearing their experiences, challenges and values

We are concept based people
We are concept based people always looking for market evidence

We think allot about the overall impact and effect
of a brand than just colour, typography and image.

If you are thinking of developing a creative campaign,
the more complex it is, the simpler it must look and be.