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"The Circlegroup is in the business of generating and communicating fresh and new ideas and strategies to our clients."
Our Process

"How we go about making your business look and feel great"

The Circlegroup uses a methodical process that involves the client at every step. Simply put, we spend a lot of time up front talking about who and what you want to be. We use tools we have found extremely useful in clarifying objectives, defining terms. We move into the design phase once everybody has an understanding of the creative direction and is clear we all speak the same language. By researching your needs we are able to get to the core of your branding attributes, and present directions of your future identity. With a joint understanding of the various points of positioning, branding, and strategic objectives the Sign-off stage can be reached and production commences.

Planning and Preparation:
Client Meeting | counsel - discuss
Discovering your needs| research - assess - consult
Creative Brief

Design and Delivery:
Creative concept development
Strategic approaches considered

Concept Presentation | several different directions
Design Refinement | over various meetings

Design Approval | Refinements finalized
Final Sign-off | Client approval

Production | elements come together
Delivery | final pieces delivered